5 Super Cute Ways to make your Work Space feel like Home - Small Business Edition

Whether you have a desk in a big office, a small shop space, your kitchen table or a studio to call your very own - making a workspace feel homely, inspiring and motivational can be super tough, especially when there's not much scope for spending big bucks or painting walls.

Here at Until Dawn HQ, I've made a handful of changes to my studio which make the whole thing feel way cosier - and in turn, it's made me want to work more and feel more content.

Keep reading to find out my top 5 ways to revamp your workspace...

5 super cute ways to make your work space feel like home by until dawn - with photos of plants, note books and headphones on a desk to demonstrate an inspiring workspace.


1. Prettily Potted Plants

Plants don't just add a zing of green to your workspace, studies have also proven that houseplants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15% - which is like the equivalent of getting over an hour extra work done in your usual 8 hour working day!

Picture of a patterned blye, yellow and pink plant pot with a mini cheeseplant in, with pens, pencils and tarot cards on a pink marble effect desk with a collage wall in the background.

Not only this, they are said to improve your mood, boost healing and reduce fatique!

I find a pretty pot makes all the different, so here's some of my favourite small biz brands for cute pots and pretty plants...

Sapling and Bud

Spiralis Plants


Urban Attic Southport



2. Burning Incense

This isn't always suitable for shared spaces, but if you're lucky enough to have a workspace you can call your own, I recommend nothing more than burning some gorgeous incense to get those good vibes flowing.

These little packets are full of magical properties, and the sticks themselves are so much more than they first appear.


They contain amazing natural essential oils, many of which are proven to have amazing effects on our mood, attitude, productivity and overall health - aromatherapy is real, folks!

Plus, many of these also have antibacterial properties, so as well as cleansing away stagnating negative energy, they also literally can clean the air around you. 

We sell a handful of our favourite scents HERE - a perfect little treat to add to any Until Dawn order.


3. Uplifting Artwork

Art has so many amazing reasons to be a big part of your workspace make-over.


Picture of an ipad on a desk with a plant and 3 prints with bold solgans printed on them in black frames.


First up, it's lovely to look at - especially for those of you working without windows, being able to gaze at a beautiful piece of work is a great way to conjure ideas and inspire the imagination.

Secondly - it can be motivating. I love bad ass, feminist prints in my workspace. They inspire my work, my brand and my attitude, and remind me why I work the way I do and who I'm doing it for. Inspiration is invaluable!

Thirdly, and absolutely not to be scoffed at - it's an instant and affordable way to update your space. Sure, some works will be sold for millions, but there's loads of artists creating beautiful work and selling prints and postcards at amazingly affordable prices - perfect to pop in a secondhand frame or blu-tac to your office walls!

Here's a few of my favourite artists and designer selling bright, affordable, fun and inspiring work:

Laurie Lee

Jessica Sharville Illustration

Hand and Palm by Luci

Nyassa Hinde

Twisted Rebel Designs


4. The Perfect Soundtrack

Something you can get for free and that will transform your working day? Gorgeous music.

Ok, so buying records is expensive and so are many music memberships, but so long as you don't mind a handful of adverts, Spotify is a great platform for listening to gorgeous music without spending a penny.

Picture of white headphones on a desk with a crystal, some tarot cards, some art prints and a plant

I love listening to instrumental music whilst working on my website, content or social media plans, and often opt for either LO-FI PLAYLISTS or BINAURAL BEATS - these give me enough brainspace to be able to focus on my work but also provide an inspiring, organic rhythm to work to which I love. I've also started listening to a LOT of Los Bitchos - summery, upbeat music, great for getting into the vibe.

When I'm making, however, I go for a different vibe - because it's so hands on, I can listen to podcasts without getting too distracted mentally. I love listening to Real Life Ghost Stories and Supernatural with Ashley Flowers for some paranormal spoopy tales, Happy Place and She Can, She Did for inspiration and motivation, and I adore the Wolf and Owl for a good laugh.


5. Super Cute Stationary

Now, I'm totally biased because I designed them - but we all know nothing is better than looking at your desk and seeing brightly coloured pens, pretty to do lists and motivational note books and journals.

picture of notebooks stacked up next to pens, tarot cards, a crystal and a plant


When I designed the Until Dawn Recycled Notebooks, I wanted something that would make you smile and encourage you to open that first page and get writing. I didn't want something intimidating, it had to feel natural to just write in it - which is why these school exercise book style pads were the winners.

Made entirely of recycled paper with each page being a blank new leaf, they feel accessible and tactile as well as being pretty and inspiring.

A desk with a crystal, vintage jewellery, tarot cars, framed prints, pens and a plant on around recycled paper notebooks.


Having these 5 things in my workspace not only makes it a wayyyy nicer, more inviting place to spend time in, but it leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired. Suddenly, work feels so much less like work!

5 Super Cute Ways to make your Work Space feel like Home - Small Business Edition
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