70s Rollerskate Shoot Fun!

Model looking up with 70s round sunglasses on, with Until Dawn brass sunflower earrings and a gold moon phase necklace.

Not so long ago, the amazing Emily Barlow of Emily Barlow Photographer got in contact with me and asked if I fancied a little collaboration with her and fellow Falmouth Uni student, Jessica Mardle. And of course, I said, why the hell not!



The girls worked together and created the most amazing concept for Until Dawn - a 1970s, rollerskating, California sunshine vibe shoot, and last week we met with the gorgeous models Ella and Brooke to bring their amazing creative vision to life!




They not only absolutely NAILED these shots (I mean, what an absolute dream team!) but they created two super cool promo videos for me to use as well.

Let me know what you think of these incredible boho 70s dreamland shots (they give me proper Lords of Dogtown vibes!) over on Instagram - @untildawn.shop .



Girl sat with roller skates towards screen wearing vintage suede waistcoat and denim shorts

70s Rollerskate Shoot Fun!
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