8 Must-Follow Female Led Instagram Pages based in Cornwall who are Redefining the Cornish Female Experience

I count my blessings every single day that I am surrounded by women. Empathetic, inspiring, empowering women, from my family to my friends, business associates to the bad ass chicks that I follow on social media.

And, this morning, on International Women's Day 2022, this got me thinking about the women who are making waves. Changing how we see the world, changing how we see inside ourselves, and generally being kind, but ass-kicking women doing what they do to such high standards, you can't help but be in awe.


F*ck the Patriarchy Notebook


I'm going to put a disclaimer here, that these are just a very small handful of women who I have been lucky enough to meet and who I felt fitted the brief perfectly - but I need to add that there are hundreds upon thousands upon billions of women doing incredible things not just in Cornwall but across the world.

It's not just healers, business founders and creatives. It's the women who are raising the next generations - one of the hardest jobs there is, it's the women who are caring for our elderly, the women working in our medical systems, the women running charities, the women volunteering their time to help each other, the women who are loud and the women who are quiet. The elderly and the newborn. The rich, the poor.  

These are just a tiny handful of women who have touched my life and in some small way enriched my experience on this earth with their wonderful offerings - and who I think might enrich some of yours too.


Trudi at Wild Samsara

Trudi is like a beacon of feminine power. She is not only the most soothing and healing person to spend time with - but she's witty, sassy and hilarious too.

Trudi is a Natural Health therapist who's mission is to "Evoke the Wild Woman within" - and through a combination of healing reiki, organic foraged herbal steams, soaks and treatments, massage and women's circles, she takes a women-centred approach to self care and healing.


Trudi of Wild Samsara in Truro


I am hugely inspired by her approach to the female experience, from embracing your mentstrual cycles instead of fighting them, to finding real connection through sisterhood, she is an inspiration to know and I am truly excited about her journey on earth.

Find Trudi's website with her offerings here.


Lydia Cooke

Lydia is a breathtakingly beautiful model - but what seals her spot safely in this list is her relentless and heartfelt activist work for environmentalism. From saving our oceans to the amazing effect the great outdoors has on our mental health, she has a lot to say on these important subjects and I am always excited to hear what she has to say.

Lydia Cooke by Jessica Apps Photography Environmentalist and Model

She not only dedicates her time to volunteering and being an ambassador to Shelterbox, a Cornish humanitarian organisation who provides shelter, aid and supplies to families caught up in conflict and environmental disasters, she also works tirelessly to spreading the word about climate change and saving our planet.

She champions small business and is a huge advocate for shopping secondhand, and this alongside being just the loveliest, kindest and most gentle soul is what earnt her a well deserved spot in this list.

Her goals are to work towards presenting and creating documentaries about our environment - not just saving it, but the positive impact it has on the human experience and on your mental health.

Check out Lydia's blog here.


Emma at Sacred Space Cornwall

To me, Emma embodies the female experience. A mother, wife and talented business woman, with an amazing career history in both fashion and her own incredibly successful photography business - and also, and most notably, a witch.

She has lived a beautiful and rich life and practiced witchcraft since she was young, but now has left her past careers behind to persue a healing journey in which she supports and empowers women to embrace who they are down to a soul level, and to live fully and deeply. 

Photo of Emma Griffin of Sacred Space Cornwall


Promoting women to embrace a growth mindset instead of living in fear, and connecting to women across Cornwall and the world, Emma spreads a little light wherever she goes, and so she absolutely had to make it into this list.

You can find out more about Emma's teachings on her website here.


Georgina of Georgie's Corner

Embracing both Cornwall's rugged landscapes and her sense of style - Georgie goes for a coastal walk ready for cocktails on the way home. She'll go for a brazing January sea swim and throw on a great vintage knit and some heeled boots to head for a white wine spritzer. She embodies Cornish femininity and freedom, and that's why she's on this list.

A marketing whizz by day who has worked to slowly build her amazing career from the ground up, and lifestyle blogger and influencer by night, Georgie also dedicates herself to promoting a zero waste, low environmental impact lifestyle. She advocates for animal rights, promotes reducing household waste and regularly dedicates herself to daily beach and street cleans, full face of make-up and litter picker in hand.


Georgie of Georgie's Corner


Georgie, to me, proves you can do it all. You can be fashionable, and love make-up and all those things that are such a huge part of the female experience, but you can also make a difference. You can do the jobs which get your hands dirty and do it whilst looking like a queen - it doesn't need to be one or the other.

She's also a great resource for all things minimal living, and is currently doing an entire year #NoBuy - meaning she won't be buying herself anything except the essentials for a whole year, to show just how much we consume unnecessairly. And did I mention she's also got a WICKED sense of humour...?

Check out Georgie's blog here.


Charlotte at The Wild Fem

An often under-appreciated part of the female experience is sensuality and sexual empowerment. Something that still is often repressed in females is this liberation, and Charlotte is the one women powerhouse fighting this oppression through yoga, dance and music.


Charlotte of The Wild Fem

Passionate about yoga and cosmic astrology, Charlotte turned her yoga practice and teachings into something more deep, empowering and sensual around a year ago. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength, offering sensual couple's yoga workshops, releasing e-courses to help empower women from their own homes, to generally promoting a healthy embrace of sensuality in the modern female experience.

As well as being utterly beautiful, Charlotte has a raw, feminine energy which she channels into her work. From mindfullness and embracing the lows which come with our cycles, to dancing and self expression. She's one to watch and I can't wait to see what The Wild Fem has in it's future.

You can check out Charlotte's website and her courses here.


 Becky Tyrrell

Becky Tyrrell is a multi award winning photographer from West Cornwall who's work exposes the unseen and the true, raw, real life happenings in her surroundings. Her portraits often feature women in their homes and workplaces, and expose the raw, vulnerability of the female experience in a powerful, honest point of view.


Portrait by Becky Tyrrell Photographer

Her work, although not exclusively, often features women going through the journey of motherhood, and recently she was part of an exhibition confronting the Cornish housing crisis.

As well as creating beautiful and moving work for her own projects, she has also worked for huge brands and with massive names, has been featured in 2 Portrait of Britain books, and one of her most recent projects, The Last Raceway, is being made into a Guest Edition book this summer.

Through determination, talent and skill, Becky is showing the world how to be a leader in your field whilst still being feminine, powerful and creative.


Meg and Violet at Jezebel

Jezebel is so much more than a place to get pierced and tattooed - although that's certainly what the owners, Megan and Violet, specialise in. It's also a safe space, a haven of creativity and community - a place to champion equality, uniqueness and collabration. They work with a whole host of incredible female artists, including their in-house tattoo queen Rebecca, artist Naomi Mather, textile bad-ass the Threadanthropist and many more.

Violet and Meg of Jezebel Falmouth


With Violet not only skillfully handcrafting unique and beautiful silver jewellery but also being an expert at body piercing, she's a multi-skilled visual artist breaking the mould with her expressive creations and work ethic. Her work often represents the Cornish coast and female experience, with both anatomy and nature inspired emblems being a recurring theme in her beautiful work. See more of Violet's work HERE.

Meg is where you come to be tattooed, and as well as being an award winning tattooist, she's also an incredible visual artist, creating stunning prints and products for you to celebrate all things boob and vulva at home! Her work is not only inspired by women and their beautiful bodies, but also by the oceans, nature, and all things cosmic - incredibly feminine and endlessly unique. See more of Megan's work HERE.

By creating a haven for women creatives, they've not only made an amazing retail and body modification experience, but they've provided a place of openness, acceptance and love - and I'd say that's something to be damned proud of on International Women's Day and every day after.



We are so, so lucky to be blessed with such an amazing selection of inspiring women in Cornwall, and this list is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg - but I know that your Insta feed will have a hearty dose of female empowerment, motivation and inspiration by following these amazing women. They are redefining the female experience and showing that there's not just one way to be a bad ass woman, and that's why I love following them. 

8 Must-Follow Female Led Instagram Pages based in Cornwall who are Redefining the Cornish Female Experience
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