Brass Necklace Launch....


A grid feature of necklace images, including a moon phase necklace set onto a quartz crystal, a monstera leaf pendant, a hollow brass moon pendant with a moon tarot card, and a western style bull skull necklace pendant.


Something that's been said to me more times than I can count is - "I don't have my ears pierced, but I love your jewellery!"

Which is something we often forget about here at Until Dawn HQ - I personally have had my ears pierced since I was 5, and my go-to "make an effort" style staple is a pair of earrings! It adds a touch of chic to even the most basic outfits and can complete any ensemble with little effort...

But something I never considered when slowly building Until Dawn's jewellery range was how many of you lovely lot don't even have your ears pierced! So, slowly but surely, we're expanding our beautiful bohemian brass jewellery range to include some gorgeous necklaces just for you!


A couple of weeks ago we released our already super loved and successful Borlowen Bangle and it's been an amazing success, but there's nothing more bohemian, rock chic and care-free than stacks of pendants and necklaces, so I created a collection of necklaces to suit every whim, from delicate choker length chains to longer, chunkier styles.

A personal favourite of mine is this Western Style Bull Skull - cast in raw brass, it adds a bit of country bad ass to even the girliest of fits! On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Turkish Hand Pendant - it's small, it's dainty and it sits high on the collarbones, and with the wonderful warm shine of raw brass it certainly gives a feeling of old adventures, souvenirs and foreign marketplaces.

Which is your favourite? Will you be wearing alone for a classic, simple look or will you be stacking them high for a bohemian, rock n roll edge?

Brass Necklace Launch....
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