It's OK: Find Calm Amongst The Chaos

This Black Friday, find calm amongst the chaos.

It's okay.

Today, your inbox will be fit to bursting to with emails hollering of deals, offers, bargains and discounts. I know, because on this calm and clear friday morning, mine already had 30 unread messages at just 7.30 am, all trying to sell me things I don't need with money I don't have.Your social media, if anything like mine, will be full of struggling independents and fearful small business owners, vying for your attention in amongst the black friday smog. A glimpse of colour in the grey and murky chaotic captialist landscape that is this weird day.But I want you to know, however you feel about today, and whatever feelings it brings up:


 It's OK.

It's OK if you need to buy Christmas presents for your kids and typically everything they want is on an Amazon wishlist - it's the modern equivalent of circling Barbies in the Argos book, right?It's OK if you go full force into Colour Friday, and complete your shopping with amazing independents. You go, Glen Coco!It's OK if this year you're scaling back and aren't really doing any Christmas shopping, One of the best gifts you can give is time with your loved ones, and that doesn't cost a thing.It's OK to feel overwhelmed at all the emails and messages and sales that will be thrown your way in the digital world today. It's a lot, and much of it is based around shaming you into buying.It's OK to love a bargain from a huge store and still love buying from independents - and it's OK to be a bit gutted that your favourite independents can't afford to compete with the big companies on sales. We all love a good deal.It's OK if you don't agree with Black Friday in principle but found something you need in one of the sales. You're human, buy the thing you need and leave guilt at the door.



So, instead of joining the Black Friday smog in your inbox, another cloud of grey filling the colourless landscape, I wanted to breathe a little fresh air into your digital dawdle today. I know today, once I've finished this email, I'm going to make some brunch, have a bath, get ready for the day - and escape from the internet to find some joy in the reality away from my inbox, and I encourage you to do the same.If you're struggling to find your feet amongst the chaos, think of this little Could Do List as the grass between your toes as your ground into yourself again.



  • Walk outside barefoot with your morning coffee and really feel the earth below your feet. Listen to what's around you - perhaps it's birdsong, or maybe it's traffic. Let your imagination follow those vehicles to a little journey as you sip your coffee and enjoy this moment of calm before the day starts.
  • Read a magazine. Perhaps you have to buy one, perhaps you're like me and have stacks that you haven't gotten around to reading yet. Flick through and look at the pictures first, and then go back and devour the articles which stood out to you. Give yourself an hour of escapism.
  • Pay it forward. When you're getting your morning coffee or you're waiting at the drive-thru, pay it forward and get the person behind's order too - if you can afford to. You'll both be glowing with joy all day.
  • Immerse yourself in water. If you're a cold water swimmer, embrace a finally calm day and head to your nearest beach, river, lake or quarry. If that's a bit much for you, check out the public swims at your local pool and just have a drift about - or run a hot bath. Water has loads of healing qualities and I know you'll feel incredible afterwards.
  • Take an extra step in your skincare routine. Perhaps it's a face mask, or a facial massage, or using that special serum you bought that time but never ever use. A little extra time for you feels so good and with the weather turning cold and, for the lucky few, central heating dehydrating us - I know your skin will appreciate a little TLC.
  • Cook some soul food. What food lights you up and grounds you all at the same time? Makes you feel warm, and comforted, and nourished? The answer is different for everyone, but buy the ingredients for your favourite supper on the way home later, put your favourite record on, and cook something beautiful. Bonus 'It's Ok' points if you make enough to freeze a couple of portions too!




Perhaps you indulge in one of these steps, or perhaps it's none - perhaps you've already got a day planned with self care built right in. Shake off the guilt, the fear and the bad vibes today and ground yourself in something deliciously un-digital - once you've read this anyway.Whatever it is, don't worry if you just want to ignore the soulless void that is your inbox on Black Friday morning - it's now 8.16 and I'm on exactly 50 emails, I reckon I'll hit 100 by 9am.I'm not here to sell you anything or link to my website today - I just wanted to treat all my amazing customers to 5 minutes of escape in this little post.Have a wonderful weekend,Hannah x

It's OK: Find Calm Amongst The Chaos
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