Tassels, tassels, and more tassels...

We like to live life on the fringe - and in the fringe...

Ok that was a proper sh*te joke, BUT we weren't joking about loving a bit of fringing on all our jackets, and BOY have we got an epic collection of tasseled, fringed, suede and leather vintage jackets for you!

We love the bohemian vibes of a good vintage jacket, and the western edge that these tassels give is not to be missed - perfect for that retro, 70s, rock n roll vibe!

Here's a few of our highlights...

Red true vintage 1970s suede tassel longline fitted coat

This beautiful orange/red suede jacket is possibly one of the best pieces I think I've EVER stocked. With an amazing 1970s collar and a fitted silhouette, it's both timeless and haute couture, and is begging to go on some adventures, see some discos, and bust out some moves. A perfect piece.

Brown Tassel 1980s Vintage Tassel Batwing Suede Jacket Bohemian Western Until Dawn

There's just something about a 1980s batwing - they're CRAZY comfortable, great for squeezing in an extra layer underneath, and they give an amazing silhouette which really exagerrates a petite waist! This piece is so cool, it oozes carefree, bohemian, wild moon child vibes and would be perfect for songs around a roaring fire pit and dancing at Glastonbury's stone circle. 


Vintage Western Bone Bead Tassel 1980s Bohemian Black Suede Jacket

This jacket is a talking point - with flattering tassels set around a low yoke, amazing double breasted buttons on a placket, and this incredible bone and gold beading. This is an unforgettable piece - and you don't want it to be the one that got away! Pure 1970s Cher vibes if they then ran away with the Lost Boys and hung out on Santa Carla pier, you get what I'm saying? (annnnnd before anyone says anything, we KNOW Santa Carla wasn't a real place and we also know Cher is waayyy too classy to hang out with the Lost Boys, but I digress...)


Now you've had a sneak peek, I bet you're eager to get shopping the rest of this stellar collection aren't you?

These will all go on sale at 5pm tonight (1st July) - so don't miss out, head to www.UntilDawnShop.com tonight!


Tassels, tassels, and more tassels...
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