The Big Until Dawn Relaunch - What's NEW on!

Finally, we're here - after just over a week of slaving over my laptop and crying to Shopify experts from around the globe about my website programming woes - is back up and back in business!

It's been a long time coming - the old website was a bit plain, not very exciting, and generally not very informative - so I'm super stoked to have finally redesigned the whole thing, got a brand new Brand Kit, and added a tonne of cool new features! If you're interested in what I've done and what's new around here, read on...

The BIG Until Dawn Relaunch - What's NEW on!


The Fresh Brand Kit!

I'll probably do a bigger post on this another time, but one of the biggest things you'll probably notice (other than the layout and the gorgeous stock) is that I've tweaked the branding on here a little. 

It's still mostly the same but I've tweaked the colourways - I've added some lighter and brighter tones, some soft greens and I've bumped off the stark black and white in favour of a warm off white and a super deep brown. 

I mostly did this just to soften the whole look and lean into the 60s/70s vibes that have influenced this whole brand, but also give it a modern, earthy feel.

I've kept a lot of the doodle inspired imagery they same to use in my graphics, but I've also started to use more textured backdrops such as this bare plaster effect, as well as wooden and white washed wood. I really love these as I can match my photography backdrops in product shots to it, but it also gives it all a very rustic, bohemian edge which I really feel the branding was lacking beforehand!

I'll pop my brand kit below, so you can see the vibe I'm going for. I have this saved on my phone, laptop and my Canva account so that I can refer to it any time.

Until Dawn Shop new brand kit
I also edited the logo slightly to include more texture and a rustic edge - I love the Until Dawn logo but felt for so long that it just looked too stark, so adding an ink blotty, scraggly edge has definitely given it a warmer feel and I'm so happy with that.

New Website Layout!

I love my website, but before I always felt it was a little too minimalist - not only too minimal to truly show off the products, but I also felt it didn't really, truly represent the maximalist, fun vibes of Until Dawn - it was a little too serious, and I wasn't inspired by it.


For Shopify and web design geeks out there, here's the quick lowdown of what I did:

I changed the theme from "Simple" to "Craft". I then edited the colours to suit my colour palette (as above).

I purchased the font Tan Buster with web use permissions and coded that into the website to be used as the default heading font (this took some serious working out, I am not as good with code these days as I was in 2006 on MySpace!).

I then altered the logo and header icon, as well as the layout to be easier to use - I adjusted the navigation, so that it's shorter and more concise, and ensured that everything was easily accessible but also tidied away.

Finally, as well as designing the whole homepage to more seasonal and fun content, I actually got some help in to help me be able to use a different banner on my desktop home page to mobile - this means the site looks good whether you use it on a desktop or a mobile phone, and I can alter this time and time again.


Improved "Info" Section

My old information pages were outdated, rambling, and didn't really get to the heart of what this little brand is all about - so I got rid of the "About" page, and replaced it with an Ethos and a Manifesto page. 


The Ethos page tells you a little about the Until Dawn culture - a brief look into the inspiration that flows through the brand and the ethics that push it forwards. But the Manifesto is where I talk about the driving forces behind the brand, the goals and aims to be more ethical and sustainable, to include more diversity and mindfulness in the way I run this business. 

It's always been really important to me that Until Dawn is both ethical and mindful - supporting a healthy attitude towards mental health but also towards the fashion industry. I'm really proud to be taking steps towards a bright future in fashion!

I've also included a "Stockists" section - this is where you can shop Until Dawn in real bricks n mortar stores, and I'm so proud to finally be making moves with wholesale and working with other businesses. I still have to pinch myself when I think about other people liking my little business enough to include it in their businesses - what a joy!

And finally, I've added a much requested "Events" page - here you can check out the low down of where I'll be popping up with Until Dawn, from private pop up and workshop events, to markets, craft fairs and festivals. Selling at events is one of my passions, and meeting you all is UNREAL!


Better Postage/Shipping Options

When I first started Until Dawn, I was also working full time so I often couldn't post very quickly after you placed your orders - however, since this became a full time gig, I have much more time to get your orders out to you promptly!



You now have THREE shipping options:

  • BRONZE: If you select Bronze shipping at checkout, your order will be posted within 3-5 days as Second Class Signed For postage - meaning your item will arrive with you a maxiumum of 4-7 working days from ordering.*
  • SILVER: If you select Silver shipping at checkout, your order will be posted within 1-2 days as First Class Signed For postage - meaning your order will arrive with you a maximum of 3-5 working days from ordering.*
  • GOLD: If you select Gold shipping at checkout, your order will be posted either the same day if placed before 11am, or the next day if afterwards, as Royal Mail Special Deliver Before 1pm - meaning your order will arrive with you a maximum of 1-3 working days from ordering.*

Plus, if you spend OVER £25 - you get FREE Bronze Shipping on us!

Call it a little Thank You from me to you!

*Please allow a 48hr leeway in case of postage delays before getting in touch!


A Tree Planted for EVERY Online Order!

I already use all recycled and recyclable paper and card for all Until Dawn packaging, but I really wanted to do more for our environment, so I decided that perhaps a Plant a Tree initiative would be a fun way to help offset the carbon emissions from posting your orders.




Every time an online order is placed, More.Trees plants a tree in your name where it's needed most. So you can rest assured that your hard earned cash isn't only supporting my small business and the conscious fashion industry, but it's also helping save our planet from climate change, one tree at a time.

Check out our progress and learn more HERE.


Of course, we also have a tonne of new stock and loads of new content around here - so please, take some time, click around, and let us know what you think of the new and improved!

The Big Until Dawn Relaunch - What's NEW on!
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