Where to Donate to Actively Help Ukrainians During the Conflict

As war is waged on Ukraine and Ukrainians are fleeing their homes, or mournfully accepting their fate, writing about fashion and jewellery feels silly, foolish and a little selfish.

Sitting here at home, I can't physically do anything to help the poor people suffering and living in fear right now, but the least I can do is donate the little I have to help, and to share some resources with a few of you, in case you, too, would like to find some small way to help.

Here I have put together a small list of charities in Ukraine who are actively helping both military and civilians in this awful situation.

It's the least we can do, but maybe better than nothing.


Come Back Alive - This is a Kyiv based organisation which aim to supply Ukrainian military and volunteers with essential kit - including auxiliary equipment, specialist software, drones, personal body protection and training.

Army SOS - This charity uses funds to purchase supplies for the military including ammunition shields and food.

Razom For Ukraine - This charity's emergency response will use donations to purchase and deliver essential goods, translate important documents and sources, share vital information and assemble and organise volunteers.

United Help Ukraine - United Help Ukraine is working with other emergency response teams and organisations to prepare humanitarian aid to civilians directly affected by attacks.

Sunflower Of Peace - This fundraiser aims to prepare first aid medical backpacks for paramedics and doctors. Each backpack has the potential to save “up to 10 lives”, the fundraiser says, including soldiers, civilians, volunteers and children. 

Revived Soldiers Of Ukraine - This non-profit delivers humanitarian and medical aid to soldiers and their families, as well as those directly impacted by conflict.

 Voices of Children - This charity provides psychological help and support for children directly impacted in the crisis, using art therapy, qualified psychologists and support for families affected in the conflict.

Phoenix Wings - This organisation provides the appropriate equipment required for soldiers and volunteers on the front line, including medical care, repair of military buildings and personal protection.

Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement - An organisation of women veterans who are organising and preparing for emergencies and defence situations.

People In Need - A Czech charity fundraising to provide food, water, hygeine items and heating to those most affected, and support and counselling to those mentally affected.


Where to Donate to Actively Help Ukrainians During the Conflict
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