Who IS she?

My name is Hannah, and I am the curator and creator behind Until Dawn. 

I grew up in a small town in Cornwall, and growing up there wasn't many shops, or many people, or much of anything really. My mum and older sister were always lovers of a bargain, and so we spent a lot of time rummaging in charity shops and digging through jumble sales - I still, to this day, have a collection of 1980s My Little Ponies, none of which were ever new to me.
As I grew into my teen years, I began my fashion obsession. I would pour over magazines, and loath anything second hand - it simply wasn't cool when all the girls at school wore the best surf brands and brand new white trainers. From the pages of Vogue and Elle to searching newsagents for American magazines like TeenVogue and Nylon, I was hooked and sure that I was going to work in fashion.
I'd cut out the designer adverts and circle the coolest celebrity outfits, copy their make up. In all of my fashion phases - from goth, to emo, to surf chick, to punk, to whatever other trend I bought into, one thing remained the same. This girl loved to dress up, and she wanted to be one of the people behind the fashion magazine's glossy pages.
Things never work out like that do they? Fast forward a few years, at 18 I quit college and trained to be a hairstylist, and sort of put all those dreams on hold for a while.

How UNTIL DAWN Started...

 Fast forward 6 or 7 years, or there abouts, and the era of the festival is in full swing. And the best bit? Festival fashion.

From cautiously planned ensembles from my favourite high street brands, slowly evolving into bigger, brighter and sparklier outfits than I could ever have dreamed of. Not only was the atmosphere, music, and company the stuff of actual dreams, but I could wear what I like and express myself through fashion like never before.

It all started with one headdress - I spent a whole afternoon with balls of wool to make pom poms, a plethora of silk flowers and a bag of gems and trims and pretty fabrics, and I created my first ever headdress. Off I strutted to The Masked Ball (it's a small Cornish party-turned-festival - look it up!) feeling a million bucks - and by the end of the night I had about 8 new phone numbers in my phone... Not off boys, but rather girls who wanted a headdress like mine!

From there I began making headdresses and hats for parties and every year my creations became more elaborate. Flashing pineapples, golden pirate ships, shimmering skulls, I put all kinds of bonkers things on people's head and my creativity was allowed to run wild.

However, fashions and passions change, evolve and turn with the tides, and soon the avant garde of a few years ago wore thin. I wanted to turn my creativity into beautiful, ethical and sustainable fashion that people could wear from the muddy dance fields of Glastonbury, to their favourite cocktail bar, or to a family party. I began to find inspiration in old movies, music videos, and the places I would travel on holiday, and slowly Until Dawn was formed out of a love of fashion, music, and love for creativity.


The Future!

From here on in, my ambition is to build Until Dawn as a one stop shop for all things sustainable, beautiful and boho! From curated collections of handpicked vintage, to fairly traded goodies from around the world, and right back again to handmade jewellery, created from natural elements and healing crystals. I already package all my products in 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and my plan is to build on this sustainability.

Since Covid19 and lockdown was forced upon us, I have begun to dream big for this little business, and my next goals are to develop my creative skills further, to pop up at more markets and events, and to hopefully be stocked in some shops with likeminded morals and aesthetics. I'd love to make more people smile with my pretty things and perhaps work more closely with different charities and causes to give back to our lovely little planet. 


Big Love!