The Until Dawn Manifesto

There's this magical thing that happens when you reach a certain age. It can be as young as 21, or as old as 92, but for me, it was 30.

I suddenly stopped worrying about trends. I realised I don't want to pour my hard earned cash into passing fads and fading trends. I want to invest in myself, and when it comes to style, I want to make great investments which reflect my soul, my character and my past.

This needn't be M&S Twinsets or sturdy shoes - but at some point, something clicked. I didn't want to buy beautiful, elaborate, avant garde pieces for festivals to then go back to a boring daily wardrobe. I didn't want to feel stapled to whatever was on the shelves of the trendy high street shops.

Style should be an amalgamation of your past, your present, and your future. It should stand up for what you believe in, it should last years, and it should be empowering.

This is where Until Dawn comes in. Blending nostalgia, spirituality, ethics and sustainability, to create a place where you can invest in pieces that have a history as rich as you are, and a future with bundles of hope and promise.


 So, here is my promise, to you, my gorgeous gorgeous customer: My Manifesto.


Until Dawn Style Manifesto

Until Dawn will always be a beautiful blend - a mixture of old, beautiful vintage with stories to tell.  Of pre-loved pieces which have been upcycled and given new life.  Of brand new, gorgeous items, lovingly made and sourced, but never to be worn once, and never to be thrown away. 

Until Dawn will always be a blend of aesthetics. It'll not cower under the weight of passing trends.  It'll combine bohemian, care free, hippy styling, with rugged, long-wearing, workwear classics.

Clashing the trusty denim jackets which have been cladding everyone from rockstars to workmen since cowboy's first donned them in 1880, with delicate 80s fabrics and intricate sari silk.

Until Dawn will blend beautiful, western styled suede jackets with all their 70s charm and sassy tassels, with elegant silk scarves tied to wrists, necks and handbags.  We will blend metaphysical inspired homewear and recycled notebooks emblazoned with empowering, sassy, fun slogans and illustrations.

Until Dawn will blend classic brass jewellery with celestial, new age inspired designs, working with the phases of the moon and the passing seasons to create something meaningful, symbolic, and beautiful.

Until Dawn Environmental Pledge

Not only this, but we will do this whilst staying true to our ethics, and brand values. We want to empower you, but not whilst inhibiting our planet. We pledge to, where possible, only use recycled paper goods for both our stationary products and our packaging. 

We promise to turn away from plastics, and to ensure that all plastics, where possible, that come through the Until Dawn studio are either reused or recycled. We endeavour to create a low-waste system for creating our products, and to use natural cleaning and production materials where possible. 

We promise to give back to our mother earth more than we take, by pledging to plant a tree for every order - offsetting any carbon emissions and hopefully creating a kinder, replenished, and sustainable environment for the future of our little planet.

Until Dawn Inclusivity Pledge

Inclusivity is something we're not only passionate about, but something we are desperately trying to improve every year. We want to ensure that our brand not only embraces diversity, but stands for it.

Until Dawn accepts, and embraces, all people, of all abilities, of all backgrounds, of all religions, of all races, of all ages and of all identities.

We pledge to develop representation within our brand, with an aim to make all of our marketing more inclusive and accessible. We will endeavour to source and create items in a larger range of sizes, making vintage and bohemian style accessible to all.

We know and accept we have more work to do in this area, and we are learning more every day. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via our contact page.

Until Dawn Mindfulness Pledge

Mindfulness and mental health is at the heart of what created and sparked everything that is Until Dawn, and so we pledge to always promote looking after your mental health and taking a mindful mindset always.

We pledge to only promote mindful shopping, and only encourage sustainable, sensible shopping. We pledge to always take a mindful, conscious approach to advertising, and to encourage joy and excitement over guilt and worry, and to always put the wellbeing of our customers, clients and contacts above profit.