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80s Abstract Print Fabric Repurposed Knotted Headband

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When I first started Until Dawn, I was one day scouring Marketplace for pretty vintage and pre-loved fabrics when I came across a girl with a bin bag of unused, vintage fabric. And she was giving it away for free. So I drove over an hour into the middle of nowhere to get it - and it really was in the middle of nowhere.

Turns out her mum had once bought them to cover all the furniture at a fancy dress party, she'd then washed them, folded them up and put them in a bag in the attic, not to be found until 30 years later. 

Of course, I snapped them up, and one of the amazing pieces in there was this incredible multicoloured 80's fabric. It's super soft, slippy and tactile, and makes a great hair accessory for curly and wavy hair types because it's so smooth it won't ruffle your cuticles.

This headband would be an amazing gift for curly haired friends and 1980's music lovers - it gives me all the retro MTV vibes with a bit of a Culture Club twist.

All of our headbands are handmade with repurposed materials, giving them a whole new lease of life. They are hand sewn in my Cornish studio and carefully glued around the headband. The headband itself is soft, comfortable and doesn't pinch behind the ears! These must not be machine washed - if needed, just wipe over with a damp cloth to clean.