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Belle Brass Rose Pendant Necklace

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The Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful tale of love trumping all, and not judging books by their covers - they're hopefully pretty good life lessons to live by anyway, but being reminding never hurts.

However , I can't lie when I say it's the talking crockery and gorgeous aesthetics that draw me in. The symbolism of the rose and it's falling petals, the beautiful bell jar it sits in, and the big, gorgeous house feeling like a prison - it's all pretty wonderful eh?

And it totally inspired this necklace - a beautiful ode to a tale as old as time. This heavy, solid hand cast brass rose makes the most stunning pendant, which would be perfect as a gift for fans of Beauty and the Beast or Disney fans in general!

Chain measures 24" long.

I love brass because it lasts forever, and as it tarnishes it has a gorgeous, antiqued patina - which I think looks beautiful, so most of our products will arrive to you un-polished and with a worn look. However - if you prefer the shiny, golden look, check out how to keep your brass jewellery shiny and sparkling by tapping here.