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Brass Turkish Hand Necklace

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There's a few motifs and themes you'll see a lot in the work around these parts. Moons, suns, and eyes, to name but a few. But one of my personal favourites when it comes to these little brass talismans is the hand.

Hands have played a huge part in art through the centuries, not just as being the main tool of creation, but also being what use to physically connect with the world around us - what holds our loved ones and what protects us when in danger.

Often symbolising protection from evil, enlightenment and using gestures to denote religious practices and beliefs, they have a long old history of representing all kinds of things to all kinds of people. And I kind of love that.

But as a person who's main passion is to create, for me this is what my Turkish brass hand talisman represents. The freedom creating gives me, and the power that creativity has in this often cruel and unkind world.

Whatever this little hand represents to you - I promise that it'll be made, packed and sent with all the loving, creative and peaceful vibes to pass onto you in this, and every future, chapter of your life.

Hand cast pendant made in Turkey hung onto a solid brass chain of 22".