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"But First, Tea" Tea Leaf Reader A4 Art Print

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Tasseography is the art of reading tea leaves to find your fortune. It's an ancient art which has been used in cultures across the world to find out tales of future love, wealth, success and more.

However, regardless of what the leaves say - I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than a cup of tea. From my teenage years right up to now, whenever anything happened - a car accident, a new job, a break up, a piece bad or good news, my father's answer was always a cup of tea. And it always helped.

Tea solves all kinds of problems, the issue of something to do with your hands when having a tricky conversation, or something delicious to sip on as you chat and catch up with loved ones. 

Sharing a pot of tea is an art - and whether you believe in tasseography or not, I think you'll agree that the world certainly looks a little brighter after a good cuppa.

Printed on recycled 300gsm A4 paper.