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Celeste Moon Phase Brass Earrings

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Celeste isn't just a dope AF singer - it also means 'Heavenly' in Latin, and let's be honest, these earrings are so damn heavenly. 

I adore living by the phases of the moon - there's always tonnes of debate on whether the full moon really does affect how you feel, or if it's just mumbo jumbo (FYI, it isn't). But actually, whether it physically does anything or not, it makes for a really beautiful pace by which to live your gorgeous, glorious life.

And that's just one of the reasons that the Celeste earrings are one of my favourites. They're also super cute, they sparkle beautifully, can be dressed up or down, and have all the bohemian dream girl vibes that we love.

I love brass because it lasts forever, and as it tarnishes it has a gorgeous, antiqued patina - which I think looks beautiful, so most of our products will arrive to you un-polished and with a worn look. However - if you prefer the shiny, golden look, check out how to keep your brass jewellery shiny and sparkling by tapping here.