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"Create Something Everyday" Graphic Typography A4 Art Print

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"Create something everyday, even it's a bit shit."

Not only is this a phrase that regularly Sunrise Sisters will have seen in their packages and on our social media channels before, but it's also a phrase that we  live and love by. 

Creating doesn't have to always be a masterpiece or a symphony - it's not the finish product that really even matters, it's the journey. It's playing with notes of colour, scent, texture and flavour. It's new combinations, new compositions. It can be as simple as playing with a new toast topping or as technical as making a sculpture. Perhaps it's notepad doodles on a work call, or a lovingly crafted text message with words as your oilpaint.

For me, it's always words, and it's often pictures. Sometimes on an ipad or phone, sometimes drawn on the steamed up shower screen, sometimes real pen paper and pencil.

And whether anyone gets to see this creation? Well that's up to you - but even the most logical mind has a creative soul, so let's see what you'll create today.

Printed on Recycled 300gsm A4 Paper.