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Cupid's Arrow Mini Pendant Necklace

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This super dainty little arrow necklace is a beautiful little piece to wear on it's own for a subtle elegant touch with a little mystery, or stacked with a whole selection of your favourite Until Dawn pieces.

Perfect as a gift for the one you love, this little necklace features a tiny and delicate arrow: a perfect way of showing someone you're falling for them, just as Cupid would want!

However, whilst I'm a big ol' romantic, this one isn't just a symbol of love and affection - in indiginous cultures in America, arrows in jewellery and art were used to symbolise all kinds of lessons, values and teachings.

Whatever it may or may not mean to you, this necklace is a gorgeous gift or a wonderful piece to add to your accessory wardrobe.

Arrow pendants strung onto solid brass chain of approx 20".