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Sacred Heart Brass Earring

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Sacred Hearts are a design which has been used for centuries, both in historical and biblical artwork, but also in modern art, grafitti and tattoo design.

Also, these have an eye, and a moon. Which like, totally makes them cooler, am I right?

These half give me angel Gabriel vibes but also bring full teen-emo all-grown-up energy to the party. They're small enough that, depending on your job, you could totally wear them to your serious workplace - and they'd be just a little hint to who your gorgeous gorgeous self really is when she isn't at work!

These would be a great gift for grown up emos, tattoo lovers, and celestial loving souls.

I love brass because it lasts forever, and as it tarnishes it has a gorgeous, antiqued patina - which I think looks beautiful, so most of our products will arrive to you un-polished and with a worn look. However - if you prefer the shiny, golden look, check out how to keep your brass jewellery shiny and sparkling by tapping here.