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Festival Holographic Reflective Hi-Vis Silver Repurposed Fabric Knotted Headband

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This fabric is possibly one of the best textiles I've EVER had my little chubby hands on. In dull light, you'd easily be able to mistake it for a standard silver slightly metallic fabric. Still fun, but not even close to what it actually is.

This incredible fabric is highly reflective and totally holographic. When the sun or bright lights shine on it, it gleams back in a cacophony of rainbow colours, bright and sparkling and beautiful. 

It was once a dress, but the cut of it was unflattering, and it was badly made. It initially was used to cover a festival hat, but has since been sat in my fabric basket, unloved and with no use - until I realised I had enough to make just two, very exclusive, very beautiful headbands.

This fabric would be the perfect gift for rave queens and mermaids alike, a perfect investment for metallic magpies and holographic heroes. If you're a sparkle lovin' festival princess, you probably need one of these headbands. They're begging for the dancefloors of Glastonbury's Silver Hayes, and urging to be worn in the sun, sparkling like the ocean with all the colours of the rainbow.

All of our headbands are handmade with repurposed materials, giving them a whole new lease of life. They are hand sewn in my Cornish studio and carefully glued around the headband. The headband itself is soft, comfortable and doesn't pinch behind the ears! These must not be machine washed - if needed, just wipe over with a damp cloth to clean.