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"Nature Is Magick" Mushroom Autumn Inspired A4 Art Print

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Inspired by those first crisp early morning dog walks. Hot mug of coffee in hand, wellies firmly pulled over fluffy sock clad feet. Dew sprinkled grass glistening under the kaleidoscope sky as it prepares for the morning sun.

Spotting and foraging for the funghi that might have popped up overnight, the last few moths hovering in the still dark skies - spiders sat in their beautiful webs, sparkling with droplets.

Silence, except for birds singing their early morning cries, the hustle and bustle of human life still a while away - nature in full force. It's these moments I really feel the powerful, magical energy of nature, the potent collaboration of all living things moving, growing, living together in perfect harmony.

Printed on Recycled 300gsm Paper.