Olivia Vintage Dark Grey Embellished Trilby Hat

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The most beautifully made products stand the test of time, which is why good quality vintage is worth it's weight in gold.

This hat has a narrower brim than a classic fedora, giving it more if a casual trilby shape. It is a beautifully made vintage hat and is fully satin lined. It featured the classic pinched crown with a grosgrain ribbon sewn around the base of the hat.

This gorgeous vintage trilby has then been finished with a sparkling olive green glitter velvet ribbon set into the original grosgrain finishing. It's then embellished with a handmade Kuchi medallion featuring yellow, white, green and red pearlescent glass beads and a cluster of ethically sourced feathers in green and natural brown flecks.

This is a small fitting hat, and measures just 53cm around.