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Pastel Pink Denim Jacket Upcycled with Thai Embroidery and Green Trim

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There's something about the shades of pastel pink and zesty spring green which just bring you right into springtime - even in the dead of winter. It instantly reminds you of sunny walks and primroses blooming, daffodils sprouting and the warmth of the sun thawing out earth from the winter it's emerging from.

This beautiful pre-loved (but in perfect condition) jacket is a gorgeous pastel pink, and has been upcycled with a vibrant diamond of Thai floral embroidery. This has then been trimmed with a gorgeous bright apple green broidery anglaise, which I have then used to trim the cuffs too to create a really beautiful cohesive look.

It's beautiful, bohemian, and made for girly adventures on bright sunny days.

This jacket is a size 16, but would fit 12-18 depending on desired fit.

For more information on how to care for your new Until Dawn jacket once you get it home, check out this post here for the down low