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Retro Miami Vice Shark and Palm Bold Repurposed Knotted Headband

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Does this fabric give you bold late 80s/early 90s vibes too?

It says Miami in the 90s to me - hot sunshine, fast cars and living the high life. The shark looks a little confused, but heck the 90s were a confusing time weren't they?

I love the bold use of colours of this fabric - the bold blue, sky tones, raspberry pink and sorbet orange with highlights of yellow. It actually started life as a men's shirt - a brave choice for vibrant and brazen dressers - but sadly wasn't built to last and so I salvaged the fabric for these incredible headbands.

These headbands are a great gift for sunseekers, jet setters and cocktail sippers. A present for party girls and festival goers, late night owls and beach bums alike.

All of our headbands are handmade with repurposed materials, giving them a whole new lease of life. They are hand sewn in my Cornish studio and carefully glued around the headband. The headband itself is soft, comfortable and doesn't pinch behind the ears! These must not be machine washed - if needed, just wipe over with a damp cloth to clean.