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Solar Rising Brass Sun Necklace

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It's no secret that a huge part of the Until Dawn brand and lifestyle is the sun - and in particular, how it's rise and fall marks the beginnings and ends of not just the days that hold us, but the nights that shape us.

The Solar Rising jewellery set was one of the first we ever made, and she's been on a small hiatus but, after so many requests, I decided it was probably time to bring back this sunrise inspired set.

This necklace looks gorgeous when worn with the Solar Rising Earrings, but I love it either on it's own as a single statement piece or stacked with a collection of other necklaces and pendants.

To me, the sunrise represents a new beginning, and fresh start, but also a moment of calm - many parties, nights and wildly good times have ended under the rising sun, a calm moment of heart to hearts, smiles, and reminiscing over a night I'll both hardly remember but never forget.

What would this necklace represent to you?


This necklace is hung on 19" brass chain.