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"Stirring Up Trouble" Witches Cauldron A4 Art Print

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Wonderful witchcraft: stories told by ancient lore, tales of times gone by.

Almost everyone thought witches were stirring up trouble. As they tinker with tinctures and conjure up cures, people were suspicious of their healing touch, of the miracles they made with simply what's around them. Suspicious of nature's way, suspicious of women, suspicious of true magic.

This print is inspired by both those women, and the witches who now continue to use their skills and talents - their powers - for good. The herbalists creating tonics from foraged herbs to ward off winter colds. The masseurs using aromatherapy and their bare hands to heal both body and mind. The therapists and wise women using their counsel and experience to guide us through hard times.

This one's for you - keep stirring up your trouble, because if this is the kind of trouble you create, well it seems like a wonderful kind of trouble.

Printed on Recycled 300gsm A4 Paper.