The Dreamer Gift Box Bundle

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We love nothing more than waking up from a heavy slumber, making a hot cup of coffee, and writing in our dream journal - and I know for an absolute fact that I'm not the only one!

From scribbling down sleepy situations and drowsy destinations to googling what each detail means, the subconscious adventures we take ourselves on each night are endlessly fascinating, and so we put together the ultimate gift for the dreamer in your life:

  • Kraft Dream Journal Notebook - RRP £6 - A beautiful Kraft covered notebook made from recycled paper, perfect for recording the slumbersome adventures of each night.
  • Mini Moth Brass Earrings - RRP £8 - Little nocturnal flutters, perfectly delicate and pretty for any dreamer's accessory collection.
  • 1960s Warm Toned Retro Repurposed Knotted Headband - RRP £14 - A beautiful knotted cotton headband created with beautiful 1960s fabric, ideal for keeping bed hair tamed in the most stylish way.
  • Sunrise Incense - RRP £2.50 - No better way to start your day than with this gorgeous smelling incense. Use it's plumes of smoke to clear negative energies and start your morning in a positive and beautiful way.

These would usually cost a total of £30.50 - meaning you save £5.50 with this beautiful gift bundle!