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The End of the Rainbow Brass Earrings

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So, tell me: do you think there's gold at the end of the rainbow?

Of course, we'll never really know, so perhaps it's a naughty leprechaun conspiracy to keep us chasing that greener grass on the other side, the pot of gold that simply isn't really there.

Which is why it's important to water your own grass and see the gold you've got right here right now. All the little things you're grateful for, the wonderful parts of your life right here right now without chasing rainbows.

That's kind of what these little earrings are - chunky little rainbows with magic at both ends. A little symbol of the appreciation of every day, a wearable piece of gratitude, to remind yourself - you are enough, as you are, you gorgeous gorgeous girl.

These would make the perfect present for the woman in your life who needs a little lift, perhaps a friend who needs cheering up with a little bohemian love token, or a mum who needs some reassurance this Mother's Day. Either way, these are the most lovely gift.

I love brass because it lasts forever, and as it tarnishes it has a gorgeous, antiqued patina - which I think looks beautiful, so most of our products will arrive to you un-polished and with a worn look. However - if you prefer the shiny, golden look, check out how to keep your brass jewellery shiny and sparkling by tapping here.