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Vintage Chesnut Brown Suede Tassel Jacket with Curved Yoke

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So often, western style tassel jackets can have a masculine quality - with squared off angles and straight lines, they can lend to a very 80s, boxy silhouette. Which, don't get me wrong, is a total vibe - but sometimes I want a little less John Wayne and a little more Calamity Jane from my western wear...

This jacket totally got the brief. It's western, but it's not fancy dress, it's vintage, but it doesn't look dated. It's warm in colour and cosy in feel, and it has those little house on the prairie vibes without looking twee. 

This jacket has clearly been loved, and, as pictured, had a few small marks in the suede - but on the whole this is in such beautiful condition, and it would look beautiful over floral midi dresses and doc martens as a perfect spring-to-summer transitional piece. Cover the lapels in bad-ass, feminist pins and wear with pride, you feminine, divine, bad-ass goddess.

This states "M" as it's size - I'm guessing she means medium - but I'd put her at a modern 10-12. In these photos she's pictured on Gladys, your lovely resident mannequin who is a size 12.