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Vintage Suede Tassel Fastening 90s Jacket

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So, you might not remember, but back in the late 90s and early 00s, there was a little 1970's themed revival. Suddenly, flare were back, crochet was big, and a handful of those classic retro seventies trends were plunged back into the mainstream - and I can't lie, it totally influenced not only my personal style (I was only a kiddo but this gal loved to shop) but what is now Until Dawn!

This jacket is straight outta that time period - whilst not authentically 70s, it's taken some of the key trends from that period and turned them into this amazing jacket, which I have no doubt will become the star of your wardrobe.

From the hook and eye fastening and tassel frill which created an absolutely UNEAL centre focal point, to the chunky stiched seams and squared off neckline - this jacket has tonnes of cute features which make it a total winner in our books.

This jacket doesn't have a size label (sadly someone before me in it's little life has cut it out!) But I'd put this at about a 12, you can see how gorgeously it fits Gladys, our lovely size 12 mannequin - but it would look equally lovely worn undone on a 14 for a more fitted look!