Vintage Western Tassel Jacket with Bone and Beaded Detail

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This is such an amazing piece, super eye catching and incredibly unique but still SO wearable.

It's cut in a classic, slightly boxy shape, with a basic neckline, and has tassel detail midway down the back, over each shoulder, down the front and down the arms - so as you can imagine, this baby was absolutely MADE for dancing!

It has beautiful beaded detailing on the front, back, and on the pockets, with these "bone" style longer beads and also some small gold ones which really catch the light.

The fastening on this jacket gives it real Lost Boys vibe, with 4 little buttons to fasten it flatteringly around waist length.

This is a vintage piece, and so is in a good worn condition and may have some small marks on it.

Approx size is 10-12 - pictured on a size 12 mannequin. 

Measurements can be sent out on request!