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Vintage Women's Black Leather Made In England Biker Jacket - Size 8-10

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Punk rock was born in the 1970s, and it started a revolution in fashion, music, and cultural acceptance. Once of the most notable symbols of the movement is the classic leather biker jacket - taken from biker culture and brought into the mainstream by punks and the designers they inspired, the humble biker jacket is now a staple piece in wardrobes around the word, with versions of it worn by everyone from Kate Middleton to Nancy Spungeon.

This incredible, original, Made In England tasselled biker jacket is an absolute staple piece but with a bad-ass twist: tassels. With the classic lapel, chunky zip closure pockets, the chunky waist buckles to cinch it in tight and the asymmetrical zip closure, it's ripe with details that are indicative of this style and age. 

This leather staple has then has a huge upgrade with the addition of tassels down each arm and across the back. The previous owner has trimmed off the tassels at the end of each side of the back panel, but this, as you can see from the photos, absolutely does not detract from the major cool points of this vintage piece.

The condition is exactly what you would expect from a piece of this age, and it has been well worn and loved and has some wear on the inner sleeve seams and around the cuffs. However, with this being such beautiful handcrafted leather, this only adds to the patina and gives it a really cool, worn in look that will just improve with age.

Pictured on a size 12 mannequin - measurements can be sent out on request.

For more information on how to care for your new Until Dawn jacket once you get it home, check out this post here for the down low.